Sunday, June 14, 2009

Etsy sewing


Finally getting back to working on things for my Etsy Shop...yay! Of course Stella professes her undying love for each item that I make, claiming that we simply MUST keep it. Not such a great way to fill up the shop, hehe, so every few items, she gets something to keep. I've been working on some basic, grow-with-you, fun little pieces. I have been loving this orange sorbet and lavender floral for quite awhile, but didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with it, until I saw an adorable ruffled top at anthropologie. I'm scarily addicted to that store, and frequent the one in Scottsdale at least once a month, scouring through clearance racks.

the party streamer skirt...


and in some yummy cotton candy pink! I am all about ruffles lately!


  1. Those are some cute skirts! I can understand why Stella would want to keep them. :)

    I used to make and sell baby carriers, actually. And my daughter was the same. She would always ask if it was for her, and if not would demand that I make a second one just for her. Kids!

  2. a gorgeous skirt on a gorgeous girl. i wish my daughter would wear what i wanted her to. she's almost four and has such a vision regarding her wardrobe...i've heard it only gets worse. :)

  3. too cute! the ruffle totally makes the skirt!

  4. it does get worse, lol! my daughter is currently doing one of two things in regard to her wardrobe...either
    a. living in her ariel nightgown
    or b. changing her clothes 5 times a day for a dizzying array of made up reasons.

  5. Adorable! When will your shop be open??

  6. thank you! very soon, I will update for sure. :)

  7. Wow! Those are way better than mine!!

  8. Just adorable... I can see why she is swiping them!
    LOL about the changing 5 times a day... Oh, yes! I know that one too!