Tuesday, June 2, 2009




I found the card reader, usb cables, all sorts of fun stuff! Anyway, so as not to bombard you all with ALL the things I want to post up, I'll pick the Birthday Girl...of course.

Our favorite girly girl book as of recently is called Pinkalicious, so Stella begged and pleaded for me to make the lovely pink cupcake confections from the book, that ultimately turned the little girl a lovely shade of deep pink. I did my best, and kind of tweaked the vanilla cupcakes and buttercream recipe from the joy of baking. I added cherry syrup (reduced pure cherry juice) and bourbon vanilla, and of course, loads of pearly white sprinkles and pink frosting. They were so delicious, and looked pretty darned close to the ones in that book!

She got two gifts from us, Daddy took her shopping for new dresses at Naartjie, of course mommy came with, and a handmade apron/pinafore for her american girl doll. I used some pretty lavender aunt grace repro fabric for the apron and she adored it! All of her doll clothes for her american girl dolls were ruined from smoke damage when we had a house fire, so I've been on a mission to replace them with mommy-made garments. An outfit every week or two is my goal. The first pattern set, which includes the vintage pinafore, is Simplicity Pattern 2761.


  1. Those pink cupcakes look fantastic!! I loved making my daughter dolls clothes when she was younger - my favourite type of sewing!

  2. Speaking of which, you have a lovely lot of photograohy around here - am thoroughly enjoying myself pootling around and about!

  3. Thank you! And thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. Wow, these cupcakes look goooooood!