Wednesday, June 10, 2009

our new home...


I have to be honest...I was far less than eager to leave the lush, idyllic beach town that we lived in to move "here" the desert. I love seasons, love the crisp cold of a sunny winter day, the first fluffy snowfalls, the smell in the air after a summer thunderstorm, wading through leaves at Crane's Orchard to pick baskets of Golden Supreme and Honeycrisp apples, the sound of jet skies and boat engines skimming the surface of Lake Michigan, and so many other things that come along with the change of seasons, and life in the midwest. However, our family, along with many others, were forced to pick our family, and leave pretty much our whole world behind because of the changing economic climate. Simply put, we had to go where the work is. Of all the places we considered, I chose the West side of the country, because it's the only other place that I have family, in Arizona and California.


So, here we are, thus far we've tolerated 109 degree days (which I'm told is nothing compared to what's coming), driven through the mountains, the desert, and taken in all of the terrain, and to be honest, it was total culture shock. Almost as much so as traveling to another country. So different from any place I've ever lived or known. There have been days that I just refused to leave the house and wallowed in how much I hated it here...

But, it really has started to grow on me. It's insanely beautiful in it's way. Sunsets that West Michigan can only dream of, majestic shadows cast over red-rock mountains, saguaro, beryl, and ocotillo cactus, date palms and grapefruit trees, the soft smell of orange blossom in the evening, there really is so much beauty to be seen here in contrast with what we've known. Our favorite library is built on an incredible historic farm where we can check out books, wander through trails and paths, chase after roosters and peacocks, and then climb to the top of a grapefruit tree, tossing the biggest ones to the ground to be taken home for breakfast.

The kids tell me daily how much they love it here, and are even more crazed about it after realizing that their favorite Discovery Channel Show Survivorman (Les Stroud) filmed his pilot episode here in the Sonoran Desert. I'm so happy that we are all settling in and adapting to this new life and new adventure.

My adorable little cousin Hudson who is staying with us!


  1. Sounds wonderful! My family, on the other hand, recently traded in the Texas heat for beach life. Can't complain.

  2. can't even imagine the heat of the desert! hope it continues to go well and that the settling in bring great memories!

  3. I hope you continue to settle into your new place. I too am struggling with our new location. We've been here a year now, and it's just been so hard for me to accept. Though on the days when it'sa cool 65 and sunny in June....and when I can wonder through our pretty expansive library, I appreciate it a little more.

  4. Alisha~

    I have definitely started to find comfort in the little things too! It's also amazing just how much changing my mindset has done for me. And while driving past a huge field last night, I saw (less than 15 foot from my car) the biggest jackrabbit I have ever seen! So cool, lol!

  5. Beautiful pictures of your new stomping grounds...
    We too have had a major adjustment to a new climate this last year... Now that spring is here it is getting much better!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and checking out our little baby spiders! :)

  6. Good post! I had the fortunate experience of moving to the Sonoran Desert from a lush green oasis myself! My blog used to be called "Pacific Northwest meets Sonoran Desert". That is, until we up and moved again to the east coast this time! Sounds like you are making the most of your new experience. I, too, grew to appreciate and even love the beauty of the desert. Hang on...summer is hot! But you will have a lovely winter playing outside!!!

  7. Wow! sounds like quite an adventure. We have lived in 3 states in the past not quite two years. Right now it looks like Maine is a keeper. Stella came with her name and I love it. I clearly can't make girls so I have to settle for a girl puppy with a beautiful name. love your blog and will be back.

  8. Your new home is my old home... you are right that it does have it's own beauty. Not that the heat is always pretty! But the winters... nothing beats Christmas dinner on the patio!

  9. If you have not already read The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, do so! It is set in Tuscon. The character, as well as the author, went from Kentucky hills to Arizona desert. The book has wonderful plot, but also so much beauty built in about the desert southwest.